Get on the Pilot Program

Launch a startup, with LaunchPad as your co-founder.

Run your own venture - but we want your skin in the game - you take a low salary in return for sweat equity.
It doesn’t matter where the idea comes from. It may be something you’re passionate about and/or have industry expertise, or it could be something we spend a few weeks exploring. Only once we’re BOTH willing to put our skin into that venture, it’s game on!
With constant mentoring, and funding, digital marketing, HR, and accounting all looked after, venture builders’ success rate is 6-12x VC funded ventures - we can really focus on the core business.
The Pilot Program is one heck of a smart way of accelerating your entrepreneurial journey for outstanding graduates to industry veterans.
Getting onto the Pilot Program is competitive. We get 4-500 applications per hire, and for each person we hire, around 40% are fired or give up within 3 months. We need to make sure we have the right person - if the Pilot doesn’t know how to handle the rocket, we all know where it’s heading…

You have industrial knowledge of 5-20 years with proven track record of success.
LaunchPad does not give any weighting to university degrees of applicant candidates in its selection process. A growing number of companies have adopted this stance, but we are the first in Asia to formally do so. We will assess candidates on our own internal test scores, interviews, their skills and experiences, and references which have, according to our analysis, shown to be a better indicator of success in our ventures than degrees. Academic performance will remain a consideration but it would not need to be at degree level.

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